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Skopje, 13.03.2017

Over the past two weeks, the customs officers detected a fraud, an attempt to smuggle marijuana seeds and several attempts for smuggling different goods, seizing cash, vehicle with a smuggling bunker, automobile spare parts, electronic recording equipment, digital TV analysis equipment, speakers, toners, wooden puppets and counterfeits.
The following products were seized:

Foreign currencies
-23,000 Euros, detected by the Customs Mobile Teams, during personal search of three Macedonian nationals who arrived for exit from the country at the border crossing point Tabanovce motorway with a Macedonian registered car.  the customs officers found 9,900 Euros in the jacket pockets of two of the passengers and 9,200 euros in small bag that belonged to the third passenger. 2,000 Euros were returned to each passenger, as an amount that a resident can freely take out from the country, while 7.900 Euros from the two passengers and 7,200 Euros from the third passenger were seized. Requests for misdemeanor proceedings were filed against the perpetrators.

- 3,700 Euros, found during personal search of a Greek citizen who arrived on foot at the border crossing point Bogorodica, entrance section. The passenger declared that he was carrying  10,000 euros, but in his trouser pockets, the customs officers found 13,700 euros. 10,000 euros were returned to the passenger, as an amount that can be freely taken into the country, while 3,700 Euros were seized. Request for initiation of misdemeanor procedure was filed.

Vehicle with bunker for smuggling and automobile spare parts
- 1 passenger vehicle DAIMLER CHRYSLER 320S, with a specially constructed bunker for smuggling, discovered by the customs mobile teams. The evening on 03.07.2017 an Albanian car, driven by an Albanian citizen arrived at the border crossing Deve Bair, exit section. The vehicle was selected for control with a customs drug sniffing dog. During the inspection, the customs officers noticed traces of alterations in the threshold of the vehicle, so they proceeded to removing plastic construction around the rear wheels and the paint and plaster on the altered section, where they discovered tiles fastened with screws to the chassis. By removing the tiles they found bunkers  along the left and right side of the vehicle, which can be used for smuggling of goods. Inside the bunkers there were found adhesion compound, scraper, hardener and a belt.
The vehicle was seized and misdemeanor procedure was initiated against the driver.

- 11 used automobile air conditioner compressors, detected by the Customs Mobile Teams during inspection of a British car, driven by a Macedonian citizen who arrived at the border crossing point Tabanovce Motorway, entrance section. The undeclared spare parts were found between the seats and in the boot. They were seized and a request for initiating misdemeanor proceedings was filed against the driver.

Technical goods
- 1 set of electronic recording equipment, worth about 2.5 million, detected by the Customs Mobile Teams during control of German car driven by a German national at the border crossing point Blace, entrance section. The equipment that was installed in the boot was seized. Misdemeanor proceedings were initiated against the driver.

- 4 apparatuses for digital television analysis (Rohde & Schawarz ZNB4 vector network analyzer, ANRITSU MS2034 network analyzer and RFS Cablewave), 3 of which used and 1 new, and 300 pairs of gloves were found in a Romanian truck, driven by a Romanian citizen, declared for entrance at the border crossing Medzitlija. The equipment and gloves were found in the cargo area of the vehicle, covered with climbing equipment, while one device was found in the driver's cab, under the passenger seat. The undeclared goods were seized and charges will be brought against the perpetrator.

- 8 Ibiza Sound sound systems and 6 holders for sound boxes, found during inspection of a Macedonian registered car, driven by a Macedonian citizen at the border crossing point Tabanovce motorway, entrance section. The undeclared goods were found in the boot, covered with personal belongings of the passengers. They were seized and proceedings have been initiated against the driver.

Other goods
-23 toners and 100 wooden puppets found in two separate cases, during inspection of two Macedonian trucks, driven by Macedonian citizens, declared for entrance at the border crossing point Tabanovce motorway.
In the first case, in the loading area of a truck, the customs officers found 23 XEROX toners, and in the second case in two plastic bags placed in the outer tool box of the vehicle, the customs officers found 100 wooden puppets.
The undeclared goods were seized and misdemeanor proceedings were initiated against the drivers.

Marijuana seeds
- 24 marijuana seeds found at the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, during personal search of a Swedish national with Macedonian origin who arrived from Stockholm. The detailed inspection of the luggage of the passenger resulted in detection of empty packages of marijuana seeds. This was a reason for the customs officers to proceed to personal search of the passenger. In his trouser pockets The customs officers found 24 marijuana seeds that were seized. Criminal charges will be pressed against the perpetrator.

Goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights
- 1,524 pairs of women's and children's sports shoes bearing logo of protected trademark, detected in a Macedonian truck loaded with goods from China, destined for an importer from Kosovo, declared for entrance at the border crossing point Bogorodica. The market value of products is estimated at about 2.5 million Denars, if sold as originals.
Due to suspicion about violation of the intellectual property rights of the trademark, the products were seized and in accordance with law, the Customs Administration initiated procedure for verification of the authenticity of the products.

An attempt for import duties evasion by incorrect declaration of the origin of goods was detected at the Customs Office Kavadarci.
An importer from Negotino declared for import clearance electro material, pliers for cutting and peeling and electric tools, consigned from Greece, under EUR.1 proof of EU origin of the goods, in order to conduct clearance with a preferential 0% customs duty rate. Due to doubts about the proper labeling of origin, the movement certificate EUR.1 was sent for subsequent verification. According to the reply with results from verification, part of the products did not meet the requirements for obtaining preferential origin, and therefore, additional import duties amounting to 36 thousand Euros were calculated. The importer was fined for the offence.


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